Nine Inch Nails' "Ghosts": Free Download

Jonny Evans writes for MacWorld:
Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails made $1.6 million in a week through direct sales of the band's latest album, Ghosts I-IV.

The sales included free and paid downloads as well as orders made online for the slew of physical products the band has also made available, including boxed sets and vinyl. A special edition CD is set to ship in April in the UK.

Fans are being offered the first nine tracks taken from the album as DRM-free MP3 files at no charge. If they enjoy these they can also purchase all 36 album tracks in the DRM-free MP3 format for just $5.

Paul Weller's "I Walk on Gilded Splinters" on "The Wire"

Last night we watched the season four finale of "The Wire" and I was surprised and pleased to hear Paul Weller's version of "I Walk on Gilded Splinters" used in the final montage. (With all due respect to Dr. John, I prefer Weller's version to his original.)

If you don't watch "The Wire," you should. Its one of the finest shows I've ever seen and worth getting Netflix just to watch it from start to finish. If you already watch it, but haven't gotten to season four yet, don't watch this clip. Its full of the revealing little details that make "The Wire" such a rewarding show to watch.

God, Satan and...

From the Harper's Index, March issue:
Rank of "god" and "satan" among the top Google searches beginning with "who is": 1, 10

Rank of "buckethead": 6

"Hells Angels plotted to kill Mick Jagger"

Here is an excerpt from today's Telegraph:
The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger was the target of an assassination attempt which only failed because the boat the would-be killers were using was swamped in a storm.

The attempt to kill Sir Mick was made by a group of Hells Angels after the infamous Altamont Speedway Free Concert in 1969, which the Rolling Stones had organised and for which the motorcycle gang reportedly provided security.

Meredith Hunter, a black 18-year-old member of the audience, was stabbed and kicked to death by a group of Hells Angels, in an attack captured on film cameras. As a result, Sir Mick allegedly refused to use their services again.

According to Mark Young, a former special agent, interviewed in BBC radio series The FBI at 100, which begins tomorrow, a boat of Hells Angels set out to take revenge on the singer at his holiday home in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York.

"The Hells Angels were so angered by Jagger's treatment of them that they decided to kill him," said Tom Mangold, who presents the series. "A group of them took a boat and were all tooled up and planned to attack him from the sea.

"They planned the attack from the sea so they could enter his property from the garden and avoid security at the front. The boat was hit by a storm and all of the men were thrown overboard. All survived and there was not said to have been any further attempt on Jagger's life."
Just imagine, had the Hell's Angels succeeded, the world would never have known such great albums as "Sticky Fingers" (1971), "Exile on Main St." (1972) and "Some Girls" (1978). Their 1969 masterpiece "Let it Bleed," might still have seen the light of day, but the title would have taken on an even more ominous meaning.

Radiohead to Headline New San Francisco Festival

This is great news for the Festival Freak!
The U.S. festival frenzy continues with today's announcement that Radiohead, Tom Petty and Jack Johnson will headline San Francisco's inaugural Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, to be held Aug. 22-24 at Golden Gate Park.

Additional acts for Outside Lands will be announced in the coming weeks, says Mayers, who promises a "strong and diverse" lineup of such musical genres as rock, blues, reggae, jazz, hip-hop, world, soul, Latin and electronic. The festival, which will boast five main performance stages, will also feature a number of local Bay Area artists.

Outside Lands will arrive approximately one month prior to San Francisco's Treasure Island Music Festival (Sept. 20-21) and several months ahead of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (April 25-27) in Indio, Calif. Despite the competition in California, not to mention other large-scale festivals throughout North America, Mayers is confident that Outside Lands will draw about 60,000 nationwide concertgoers per day.
The lineup will be announced on March 24 and tickets will go on sale March 30.