Electric Light Orchestra - "Evil Woman"

I was just six years old in 1975, when E.L.O. released their fifth album, "Face the Music." "Evil Woman" was the first single and the band's first worldwide hit.

I have a fond memory of hearing this song while riding with my Dad in his red Ford F150, running errands in Belvedere, South Carolina, where we lived for a few years. In retrospect, the song must have been on the radio, since it's not the kind of music he listens to, now or then. (I recall that eight-track tapes of Elton John and Olivia Newton-John, both going through country phases, were in heavy rotation.)

Two years later, I bought my first album (vinyl, of course) and it was E.L.O.'s "A New World Record," arguably their best. But, to my taste, no song on that record sounds better than "Evil Woman."

(Funny note: my wife used to think the chorus was "Medieval Woman." Listen for yourself. I can't hear this song now without hearing Jeff Lynne sing "medieval woman.")

Blur - "Girls & Boys" (Live "Hyde Park" 2009)

After reading a New York Times profile of Blur's Damon Albarn ("Damon Albarn’s Shapeshifting Career"), I decided to queue up the entire 106-track Blur catalog on MOG and do some reminiscing.

Damn, if "Leisure" doesn't sound as kick-ass now as it did 20 years ago. Two tracks into "Modern Life is Rubbish," and it's never sounded better.

Now I'm kicking myself for missing their reunion shows in Hyde Park two years ago.