2013 Noise Pop Festival (VIDEO)

"Since its inception in 1993, San Francisco’s Noise Pop Festival has grown into one of the most respected indie rock extravaganza’s in the country." --Pitchfork
Now in its 21st year, the 2013 Noise Pop Festival kicks off at 5pm today with one of my favorite events, the FREE Noise Pop Happy Hour at Bender's Bar & Grill on South Van Ness at 19th Street. This event happens daily, 5-8pm, from Tuesday to Saturday. It gets crowded, so plan on getting there early to order a Pliny and grab a spot near the stage before the noise begins.

I've been attending Noise Pop since 1997. Every year I drag my friends to shows and every year they resist: "But I don't recognize any of these bands!" Then I remind them: "Remember when we saw Spoon at Noise Pop in 1997? Apples in Stereo and Modest Mouse in 1998? Death Cab for Cutie in 1999? This year won't be any different. You'll end up seeing bands that you've never heard of. Then, a few years from now, you'll be able to say that you saw so-and-so back in the day... at Noise Pop."

Below is a video playlist featuring some of the bands playing this year, including Ramona Falls, R. Stevie Moore, Comadre, The Fresh & Onlys, Great White Buffalo and Jason Lyttle.

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The Church - Live at Enmore Theatre, Sydney 2011

Watch The Church and other great gigs on Moshcam.

The Church have been around forever, at least in rock 'n roll terms. In 32 years the Australian psychedelic rock band has recorded 20+ albums. Their most recent, 2009's Untitled #23, is in my opinion one of The Church's best.

In 2011 I was fortunate enough to see The Church perform Starfish, Priest=Aura and Untitled #23 in their entirety, on their 30th Anniversary "Future, Past, Perfect Tour."

If you enjoy psychedelic rock and hearing rock musicians at the top of their game, you'll enjoy this live recording.

Supergrass - Richard III

Since reading this morning that the skeleton of English King Richard III had been dug up beneath a Leicester car park, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head, off of Supergrass' second and arguably best record, "In It For the Money." According to Wikipedia:

In 1998, Q readers voted it the 68th greatest album of all time, while in 2000 the same magazine placed it at number 57 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.

What is this song about? Does the title refer to the man or the play by Shakespeare? Again, Wikipedia:

The song's name comes from the band's method of creating working titles for songs - giving them people's names. This was the third called "Richard" and the band liked the reference to the king Richard III and the Shakespeare play Richard III in which the king is depicted as a dark and evil character, as it matched the menacing tone of the song. Neither the king, nor the play are mentioned in the song.
No matter. It's a great song by a great rock band in their prime. Btw, if you're a fan of Supergrass, I recommend getting Gaz Coombe's solo album, Here Come the Bombs.