The Holydrug Couple

I had the pleasure of attending Psych Fest/Levitation in Austin earlier this month. One of the more pleasant surprises for me was seeing the Holydrug Couple from Santiago, Chile.

Their dreamy psychedelic rock initially reminded me of Tame Impala...

The Holydrug Couple "Follow Your Way"

After seeing them play again last Friday, at the Knockout in San Francisco, I have a greater appreciation for their unique sound.

Keep an eye on these guys. I expect big things from them.

at The Knockout, San Francisco 

at Psych Fest, Austin, TX

Austin Psych Fest 2015

I'm here in Austin, Texas this weekend for the Levitation, née Psych Fest.

I'm usually an early adopter when it comes to music festivals, but somehow have kept missing this one... for seven consecutive years. This year I couldn't stay away.

I mean, come on, The Flaming Lips, Spiritualized, Tame Impala, and Primal Scream, all in one place? That's an insanely great lineup even without all the other bands that will be playing, many of which I'm sure to enjoy.

In case I needed confirmation, told me this was the place I needed to be:

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If you can't make it, but want to get a taste, check out this Rdio mixtape I made. Or follow me in the usual places.